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Shanghai Office contract manufacturing
Item segment magnets/magnet alxes
Material ferrite/NdFeB
Process dry or wet pressing/bonding or sintering/injection molding
QC key points dimensions/typical B-H Curve

Item AL fuel bottle
Material AL alloy
Process impact extrusion/spinning/threading/powder coating
QC key points threads/wall thickness/burst pressure

Item vertical/lateral file
Material 0.7mm cold-rolled steel sheet
Process stamping/folding/welding/powder coating
QC key points structure/drawer slides/finish

Item aqua marine horn (diaphragm/piezo)
Material PC-S-3000VR with UV inhibitor
Process injection molding
QC key points finish/sound output

Item pool sand filter system
available tank sizes(O.D.): 12",16",18",19",22",24",26"
Material HDPE/PP+30% FG/ABS
Process blow molding/injection molding
QC key points burst pressure of tank/leakage/flow rate

Item auto pool cleaner
Process injection molding
QC key points finish/performance test

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