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Dong Guan Factory
Item SONY PS vita dummy
Size 178X76X18 mm
Material ABS/PC/steel
Process injection molding/silkscreening/painting/assembly
Feature integration of tooling, molding and decoration

Item Estee Lauder counter display
Size 374X241X482 mm
Material acrylic/ABS/steel rod
Process injection molding/laserring/vacuum forming/CNC wire bending/welding/ polishing/plating/assembly
Feature item's surface has to be in high glossy black and perfect gold plating to match Estee Lauder's quality image

Item Estee Lauder display
Size 305X280X480 mm
Material acrylic/ABS/steel
Process vacuum plating/lasering/sheet metal work/powder coating/injection molding/assembly
Feature item's surface has to be in perfect mirror finish to match Estee Lauder's quality image

Item HULE display
Size 914X813X1166 mm
Material steel sheet/PP corrugated sheet/PVC foamed sheet
Process lasering/sheet metal work/welding/powder coating/silkscreening/assembly
Feature large 4-color process silkscreen printing

Item ArcTeryx display
Size 1854X635X584 mm
Material steel sheet, tube, wire/wood
Process lasering/metal sheet & tube work/powder coating/wood work & painting/assembly
Feature product shipped in K/D form, so parts must be precisely fabricated to ensure perfect assembly in the field

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