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Dong Guan Factory
Item trekking pole
Size 58~140 cm
Material AL/PC+TPE
Process AL extrusion/injection molding/hydro forming
Feature precise assembly and testing

Item cleaning/waxing tool
Size 540X241X1590 mm
Material AL tubing/PP+GF/zinc alloy
Process AL extrusion/injection molding/die casting
Feature completed 12 sets of injection molding tooling in 35 days

Item cleaning/waxing tool
Size 1332X508X1097 mm
Material AL tubing/PP/zinc alloy
Process AL extrusion/injection molding/rotation/die casting
Feature large item assembly

Item convenience chair
Size 1160X934X932 mm
Material AL tubing/AL sheet
Process tube work/stamping/welding/assembly
Feature manufacturing of multiple designs (6) with small quantities (100 pcs/design)

Item pool ladder
Size 221X1372X914 mm
Material galvanized steel tubing/PP
Process tube work/injection molding
Feature dual powder coating, crackle first, then clear lacquer

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