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Dong Guan Factory
Item bulkhead fittings
Size 1/2"~3" ID
Process injection molding
Feature special techs required to mold PVC/CPVC which are highly thermo sensitive

Item hair clipper handle housing
Size 146X52X15 mm
Material PC/ABS/PET
Process injection molding
Feature In-mold decoration

Item control box for trolling motor
Size 35X12X12 cm
Material ABS/PVC
Process injection molding
Feature application of high frequency welding

Item PP bowl and PP thermo mug
Size Φ135X60/110X61X123 mm
Material PP/PU
Process injection molding/PU casting
Feature plastic coloring

Item stainless steel water bottle
Size Φ77X750 mm
Material stainless steel 304
Process deep draw/spinning/stamping/welding/powder coating/silkscreening
Feature special configuration from combined operation of spinning and stamping

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