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Established in 1978 in Taipei,Taiwan.
Headquarters in Taipei, with branch offices in Palo Alto (San Francisco) and Shanghai, factories in Dongguan (China South) and Pingtung (Taiwan South).
More than 300 employees, together with 350 vendors, serving 60 customers globally.
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Sourcing and source evaluation
Research, design and engineering
Cost analysis
In-house tooling and manufacturing
Contract tooling and manufacturing management
Assembly and packaging
Quality management
Supply chain management
Compliance and claim settlement
Trade financing
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To find knowledge from learning, solution from science, skill from practice, niche from difference, creation from change, trust from quality, value from service, and power from love.

On the basis of fairness, respect and trust, to build a pleasant and sustainable partnership with our customers, vendors, employees, community, environment, and investors.

We sincerely hope that all of you will not only build successful careers and businesses, but more importantly enjoy happy lives.
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